Monday, October 27, 2008

Howard County's Best Restaurants

Here's my personal list of best restaurants in Howard County. They're listed by location, in no particular order, but all 10 are very good. If we're in the mood for a nice meal or taking out guests, we're likely heading to one of these. If you haven't tried them all, you should!

Tersiguel's, Ellicott City

Jordan's Steakhouse, Ellicott City

oZ Chophouse, Maple Lawn

Ranazul, Maple Lawn

Iron Bridge Wine Company, Columbia

Cafe de Paris, Columbia

Aida Bistro and Wine Bar, Columbia

Victoria Gastro Pub, Columbia

King's Contrivance, Columbia

Elkridge Furnace Inn, Elkridge

Update: Also see out list of Nearly Best Restaurants in Howard County for good establishments that did not quite make this list of the very best.

For a little variety, check out HowChow's "Best of Howard County" list. Or see the discussion in The Baltimore Sun's Dining at Large blog.

Update: Also see the Howard Magazine Best of Dining 2008 list.

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