Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Bon Fresco Brings Great Bread and Sandwiches to Columbia

It took me a little while to get around to trying Bon Fresco, but once I did, it's been hard to stay away. The place makes great fresh breads baked on the premises in several varieties -- baguette, ciabatta, foccacia, a delicious plain white loaf, and my recent favorite, a soft, pillowy flatbread. We were recently offered a cinnamon bun that put the gloppy mall versions to shame.

Sandwiches at Bon Fresco are inventive with fresh, top quality ingredients including fresh roast turkey, pork loin, nice grilled vegetables and much more. The sandwiches come out hearty but not over-stuffed. You can feel good that you're eating well, but not eating too much. Sandwiches are served with a little side of lentils or cous-cous, which I like for a change of pace. But some folks really wanted chips, so now Bon Fresco offers a choice of good-quality potato chips if you get a drink, too.

In addition to the sandwiches, Bon Fresco has some terrific salads (the curried chicken salad is especially good) and you can choose your own mix of toppings and greens. They also have several freshly made soups that look great but I frankly haven't tried yet. The counter staff is friendly and eager to make suggestions to help you make the best choice. Bon Fresco has enough seats to eat right there or you can take your treasures back to your home, office, picnic or wherever.

Bon Fresco is precisely the type of fresh, home grown eatery that folks often say they want as a quality alternative to fast food chains. If you're one of those folks, seek Bon Fresco out and put your money where your mouth is. If you're not one of those folks, give it a try anyway and you may find yourself coming back, too.

6945 Oakland Mills Road

Columbia, MD 21045


(no website I can find)

From Snowden River Parkway, go west on Oakland Mills Road and take the first right into the shopping/office park. Bon Frescos is tucked in to the right, and they've put up a few small signs to help you find them. It's worth looking for!


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