Thursday, October 8, 2009

Howard Magazine Best of Dining 2009

Howard Magazine has published the results of its 2009 readers' poll of dining in the county. It's still very hard to find this information anywhere online, so I'll share some of the winners. With 43 different categories it seems like there's room for everyone to win something. But there are some categories that seem to be more significant than others. Herewith, some of the key category winners and honorable mentions.

Best Restaurant (Overall): Clyde's of Columbia
Honorable Mentions: The Kings Contrivance, Victoria Gastro Pub, Aida Bistro

Best Fine Dining: The Kings Contrivance
Honorable Mentions: Tersiguel's, Elkridge Furnace Inn, Jordan's Steakhouse

Best New Restaurant: Bistro Blanc
Honorable Mention: Looney's Pub South

Best Chinese: Hunan Manor
Honorable Mentions: P.F. Chang's, China Chefs, Asean Bistro, Hunan Legend

Best Sushi: Sushi Sono
Honorable Mentions: Sushi King, Sakura, Fuji

Best Asian (other than Chinese): Asean Bistro
Honorable Mentions: Noodles Corner, Nichi Bei Kai, Pei Wei

Best Indian: House of India
Honorable Mentions: Akbar, Bombay Peacock Grill, The Mango Grove

Best Italian: Aida Bistro
Honorable Mentions: Carrabba's, Strapazza, Olive Garden

Best Mexican: El Azteca
Honorable Mentions: Zapata's, La Palapa, Don Pablo's, MiCasa

Best Steak: Jordan's Steakhouse
Honorable Mentions: Outback Steakhouse, Longhorn Steaks, Greystone Grill

Best Wine List: Iron Bridge Wine Co.
Honorable Mentions: Victoria Gastro Pub, The Wine Bin, Aida Bistro, Bistro Blanc

To see how the 2009 list changed from last year, see our summary of the 2008 Howard Magazine list.


Dick said...

lol @ "Best Steak: Jordan's Steakhouse"

It's funny to see Pei Wei in a different category than P.F. Changs, when they're basically different grades of the same restaurant (same owner even). Neither is less (or more, for that matter) "Chinese" than the other.

Patrick said...

Seriously, Olive Garden!? Aida Bistro is pretty nice, but all three of the Italian runner ups are pretty lame.