Sunday, April 19, 2009

Now Posting on

I've decided to broaden my blogging horizons a bit and have begun posting on as a Baltimore Restaurant News contributor. I'm taking this step as a way to reach a wider audience and tackle a larger dining community.

The model is an interesting one, gathering a whole array of local bloggers and others to offer an alternative local news source. It's not perfect, but it stands a chance of getting better, and I decided to get on board now rather than wait. I hope you'll find information of interest to you in both of my blogs, and find other things you like on

I will continue to write this Live in Howard County blog, focusing on events, restaurants, shopping and more within Howard County. You'll see some content that overlaps both blogs, but I'll try not to be too repetitive. Please bear with me as I find my footing. And any suggestions or recommendations for either blog are always welcome.

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HowChow said...

Bill -- Possible news for your Examiner page. A commentor on HowChow says there is a Peruvian chicken place coming to Jessup. I posted this morning.