Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ranazul and Other HoCo Restaurant Blogs

Ranazul, the fine tapas restaurant in Maple Lawn, has started up a blog that holds promise for its patrons and readers.  The blog is a good way to highlight special events, new dishes, and in the case of Ranazul, featured artists in its gallery space.  Plus the Ranazul blog looks nice.  

I think this is a good trend for other restaurants to consider.  Lots of establishments have email lists and maybe a newsletter.  But a blog offers a medium to post information that has a longer shelf life, you don't have to be a subscriber, and it's available "on demand."  Blogs are generally more informal and easier to update than regular websites, and they're a great place to help establish the personality of a restaurant.

A couple of other Howard County restaurants have blogs that I know of, including Sushi Sono and Tersiguel's.  The Tersiguel's site in particular offers an insight into its chef, Michel Tersiguel, and others at the restaurant.  I think it's a nice touch, especially for independently owned and operated establishments with family roots and a positive story.  A restaurant blog can be an effective place to tell that story and build a little bit deeper relationship with customers.  I'd like to see more of them.

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