Monday, May 11, 2009

Sushi Sono

Sushi Sono holds down a primo location on Columbia's downtown lakefront and serves primo sushi and other Japanese specialties. It's one of the prettier restaurants in the county, with picture windows of the lake, a sizable sushi bar and two private rooms. But it's the sushi, both the rolls and nigiri, that brings in the crowds.

Sushi Sono recently revised its website and has done a good job maintaining a high profile all over the internet. It is one of the most widely reviewed restaurant in the county, and most of the reviews are very positive.

  • Sushi Sono is included in our list of Nearly Best Restaurants in Howard County.
  • Howard Magazine (formerly Columbia Magazine) has ranked Sushi Sono as the Best Sushi Restaurant in the county for the last 9 consecutive years.
  • Baltimore Magazine includes Sushi Sono as one of six restaurants in Howard County in its list of Neighborhood Specials places to eat.
  • Dining@Large incudes Sushi Sono in its June 2008 list of Top 10 Howard County Restaurants.
  • Gayot rates Sushi Sono 12/20.
  • TripAdvisor readers give Sushi Sono 4/5 stars based on 31 ratings and 14 reviews, ranking it #1 in Columbia as of 5/10/09.
  • Urbanspoon readers give Sushi Sono 93/100 based on 73 votes, ranking it #14 in Baltimore and #2 in Columbia as of 5/10/09. Sushi Sono on Urbanspoon
  • Yahoo! Local readers give Sushi Sono 4.5/5 stars based on 21 ratings as of 5/10/09.
  • Yelp readers give Sushi Sono 4/5 stars based on 39 reviews, ranking it #3 in Columbia as of 5/10/09.
  • Zagat has 58 member reviews of Sushi Sono as of 5/10/09.
  • BooRah readers give Sushi Sono 89/100 based on 66 reviews, ranking it #2 in Columbia as of 5/10/09.
  • CitySearch readers give Sushi Sono 3.5/5 stars based on 14 reviews as of 5/10/09.
  • Sushi Sono garners frequent comments on Chowhound in discussions regarding best sushi in the area.
  • HowChow reviewed Sushi Sono in July 2008.
10215 Wincopin Circle

Columbia, MD 21044

Phone: 410-997-6131

Specials and Other Details

  • Sushi Sono has been running month-long discounted specials since March. Check their blog for more details.
  • Sushi Sono has a Facebook page.

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Anonymous said...

I think the quality and variety at Sushi King is better...but Sushi Sono does have the great location.