Friday, May 8, 2009

Jenny's Market

A harbinger of spring and summer farm-fresh produce, Jenny's Market is a roadside stand that just re-opened last week. Jenny's Market used to be just off Route 32 near Burntwoods Road, enticing drivers with handmade signs. With the completion of the new traffic circles at the Route 32 - Burntwoods interchange, Jenny's has had to move a few hundred yards onto Andrea Drive, but the signs are still there to guide you.

For the moment, Jenny's produce is coming by truck from farmers in the Carolinas and further south. But I can attest that the corn is sweet and the tomatoes are ripe. As we get further toward summer, the produce comes from farms that are more local. The family that runs Jenny's have always been friendly when I come through and rummage around, and help me pick out the best veggies and fruits.

So stop by Jenny's any day except Mondays. Just follow the signs.

Note: HowChow did a nice post about Jenny's last summer.


Jeff Wilson said...

Produce is overpriced and not the good. I got a cantelope , 5 tomatoes, and a dozen ears of white corn. The corn was very chewy, the cantelope was not that sweet, but the tomatoes were good. The problem was that little bit of stuff was over 21 dollars. I used my credit card and was caught up in the moment and did not realize how much it cost me. My fault but they either ripped me off or their produce is way way too expensive. I will not be stopping back by again.

soblessed2be said...

I picked up some nectarines and cantaloupe at Jennys yesterday after church and both are FANTASTIC. Jeff, did you make sure the loupe you got was firm (with no soft spots) but smelled good? I am going back some time this week to pick up more nectarines to try to grow a tree from them because they were the best I EVER HAD! :0)

Anonymous said...

My husband and I stopped by on Saturday. We were definitely enticed by the signs on the road. The family was very friendly, and we bought a few things. So far, we've eaten the avocado and the tomato was one of the sweetest that I've ever had! We'll be going back for more.