Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Clyde's of Columbia

Clyde's, Columbia
A DC regional mainstay for decades, and a Columbia landmark since 1975, Clyde's continues to produce reliable, popular American standards. Clyde's holds one of the prime restaurant locations in Howard County, lakeside near the nominal heart of Columbia. It was one of the first places where we dined in the area, and is still an easy spot to meet guests for lunch, dinner or brunch. Their steaks, lobster, chili and crabcakes are consistently good, and their menu changes frequently enough to offer interesting surprises for repeat customers. The bar is big and often busy, and there used to be a notorious wait for tables. But now with reservations and OpenTable it's a much more convenient proposition to have a good time at Clyde's.

Clyde's of Columbia is on our list of Nearly Best Restaurants in Howard County.

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