Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Rt. 32 Burntwoods Interchange

Erase two traffic lights from Route 32! The interchange for Rt. 32 with Burntwoods, Ten Oaks and Pfefferkorn roads is now substantially complete and the traffic lights were removed October 30, 2008.

Rush hour traffic on Rt. 32 should be marginally smoother, and local drivers will no longer have to wait at the interminable lights to make left turns. Drivers making left turns from Rt. 32 will no longer have to fear for their lives, either.

We now have a series of roundabouts that can be dizzying and will no doubt be confusing to newcomers. It's already cringe-inducing to watch big semi-trucks maneuver around and over the roundabouts. But in all I think it's better than sitting at the lights wasting fuel.

There is still more than a year to go in the overall construction project -- this is phase 4 of 5. But the most important work is behind us and traffic can start to flow a little more smoothly. Hooray!

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ngjones said...

I have a love-hate thing with these round-abouts; luckily I live near by enough that I know where I am going; but ever GPS I have used 'recalculates,' what a pain. Same with a few places on 29 south of HoCo...

Thanks for the pics on this, I hadn't seen those before.