Thursday, November 6, 2008

Studio Inspire - Dance and Fitness for Adults

I'm no expert on dancing, though I have carted my daughter to dance classes for nearly a decade. It seems like there's no shortage of dance studios for kids in Howard County -- here's a good list -- and some of them take adults as well. But now there's a studio that focuses on dance and fitness mainly for adults. It's Studio Inspire located on Dobbin Road in Columbia.

Studio Inspire is owned by a friend of mine, Shara Patty Darden and her husband, Ed. They have a full roster of dance classes, including modern, jazz, hip-hop, swing, ballet, line and country. They've assembled a strong set of instructors with impressive professional credentials. The emphasis is on fun, fitness and health. The studio operates on a membership basis that gives you unlimited access to any of the classes, so you can experience a variety of dance styles and have the flexibility to fit your own schedule. It sounds like a great idea to me.

You can check out Studio Inspire at their free Open House and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony on November 14 (RSVP by November 12).

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Kathy said...

I've just started going to Studio Inspire about two weeks ago and I love it! The staff is the friendliest I've ever seen--high energy people who welcome everyone from beginners to fitness fanatics. There is such a wide range of classes to try, you will never get bored. It's definitely worth a look!