Thursday, February 19, 2009

An Loi Pho

An Loi Pho is a great place for a warming bowl of the classic Vietnamese noodle soup, pho.  An Loi offers nine different versions of pho, seven with various cuts of beef, one with chicken and one vegetarian.  But you are really the chef as you sculpt the flavors in your bowl with the fresh condiments and bottled sauces at your table.  It's hard to go wrong, as long as you take it easy with the hot sauces at the outset.

The pho may be what gets you in the door, but there's a lot more on the menu to keep you coming back.  There are many choices of "bun," a vermicelli dish topped with grilled meats and fresh vegetables, other prepared noodle dishes and soups, and a set of steamed or fried rice dishes.  Appetizers include fried spring rolls and soft-wrapped summer rolls with your choice of grilled meats and a tasty peanut sauce.  I'm looking forward to getting back and trying some more.

An Loi Pho does not appear to have a web site.  It's located off Snowden River Parkway, one traffic light away from Broken Land Parkway.

An Loi Pho
7104 Minstrel Way
Columbia, MD  21045

Don't miss HowChow's more detailed post on An Loi Pho and their salted sodas.

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HowChow said...

Thanks for the link. Those sodas are really delicious. Don't let the name "salted" scare you off. They're not salty, although I only know that because my wife took the plunge and ordered one. We have even tried to recreate them at home with pickled plums from the H Mart. Close, but not as good as An Loi so far.