Friday, February 13, 2009

Pub Dog in Columbia

Beer and pizza, pizza and beer. What more do you really need? For Pub Dog in Columbia the answer is not much. You can choose between a whole bunch of pizza and beer combinations and flavors, and beyond that there are just a few salads and appetizers. But if you're going to focus on only two of life's staples, pizza and beer are not a bad start.

Here the beers are craft brewed (locally?), available in 10 or so flavors, and come two glasses for $4. There are another seven "mixed breed" variants of a black-and-tan, and fresh root beer. The beers are pretty good and it's fun to experiment. I'm not sure any of them they qualify as "great," but they're fun. There's a full bar and a nod toward wine drinkers, but the emphasis is heavily on the beer.

The pizzas are individually sized 10" thin crust jobbers with 22 different combinations to choose from. They arrive quick and are quite good. I had a "Froggy Dog" with Dijon chicken, asiago, mozzarella, mustard, garlic, bacon, tomatoes and Dijon mustard and had no trouble polishing it off. The "Wing Dog" featuring Buffalo wing sauce and chicken looked popular. Most of the other pizzas come with multiple toppings, and everyone should be able to find something they like. As long as it's pizza.

The ambiance of the place is warm and friendly, focused on the bar but with an area of booths for a little more quiet. The location is in the same shopping center off Dobbin Road with the Frisco Grill and Mongolian Grill, among others. Stop in for lunch, dinner, or any other time you have a hankering for pizza or beer.

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Anonymous said...

They also allow dogs on the outdoor patio, and have water bowls and dog biscuits available!

BeerGuy said...

Your review pretty much nails it.

The beers are "local" in the sense that they're brewed at their facility in Westminster and shipped to the Columbia and Federal Hill locations.

They're fun, nothing special but suitable especially with the great variety of fairly good pizzas. Its a nice place to let your guard down and isn't pretentious about being gourmet or anything like that while still offering quality.