Saturday, February 28, 2009

Saturday Arts: Shane Gamble

Shane Gamble plays tonight, 2/28, at the Rams Head Tavern at Savage Mill. He's about to release his third album, Way Back to Town. You can hear some selections from the album and other tunes at his MySpace page. "Rosalee" sounds pretty good to me.

From his bio on
Spring 2009 will mark the return of emerging tunesmith Shane Gamble, as he releases his third full-length release Way Back To Town in early March. Following in the footsteps of Gamble’s sophomore release, Behind The Blue, this new album is an emotionally charged offering of honest and colorfully diverse music—from the shiny tremolo guitars of “All Over You” to the smooth baritone vocal and steady rolling lilt of “Rosalee.”

“It’s that sensation of suspension—whether tucked within the elusive emotions of love, mystery, or train of thought lyrics—that seem to drift throughout the music,” Gamble explains. Grooming himself on the classic sounds of Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, The Black Crowes, and the late Chris Whitley, Shane has created a distinctive sound centered on his thought-provoking lyrics, colorful guitar patterns, and haunting ’70s-esque pedal-steel, while striking a delicate balance between pop hooks, atmospheric ballads, and pocket grooves.
Here's an article written prior to his previous album, Behind the Blue.

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