Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Second Chance Saloon

It's taken me a little while to get to the Second Chance Saloon, which opened early December in the location of the Fire Rock Grill and the original Last Chance Saloon that had been there for years. The Oakland Mills village center location is a little off my beaten path and I admit I sometimes still get turned around trying to find it. Even if you have the same problem, it's worth seeking out the Second Chance Saloon if you want a friendly beer, burger or meal.

With 12 beers on tap and nearly 50 bottled brands available, the Second Chance Saloon is certain to satisfy your suds appetite. The food side of the menu is pretty good, too, in a pub/tavern kind of way. The catfish Po' Boy I had was fresh and hearty. The burgers and sliders looked good, too.

The Second Chance Saloon has no shortage of diversions while you're there. Live music most Thursdays through Mondays, pool and shuffleboard tables, darts, a bookshelf for kids and others, TVs for the sportshounds. Coming soon, they say, is the NTN trivia game that had a bunch of regulars at Rocky Run when it was alive. Come to think of it, the Second Chance is a worthy successor to Rocky Run as comfortable local hangout, with food good enough for families and a bar scene active enough for those who want to spend a few hours with friends or meet new folks.

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