Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Baltimore Magazine Restaurant Poll

Baltimore Magazine is currently running a reader poll for area restaurants which, as far as I'm concerned, includes Howard County favorites. The poll is open until January 23 and I encourage you to vote. You can optionally enter to win $100 gift certificates from Christopher Daniel or The Oceanaire, both fine places if you haven't tried them.

One quibble with the poll: you are required to make an entry for every one of the 27 categories or else your ballot is invalid. They say this is to reduce ballot stuffing, but I think the net effect will be to let some places skate by on reputation (or simply invalidate a lot of entries). I seriously doubt every reader has a firm, up-to-date opinion on every one of the 27 categories. I know I don't, and I'm more or less in the business of having such opinions.

So, we know in advance the results are going to be less than statistically accurate and we'll have the right to argue about them once they come out. Nevertheless, I encourage you to vote and I hope you win the other gift certificate.

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