Thursday, January 8, 2009

Howard County Restaurants in Baltimore Magazine Lists

Baltimore Magazine's recently renovated website includes two "Best of" lists that feature several Howard County restaurants. Our congratulations to each of the winners.

The Baltimore Magazine list of 41 Best Restaurants includes Aida Bistro & Wine Bar, The Iron Bridge Wine Company, Jordan's Steakhouse and Tersiguel's. I'm happy to note that each of these are included in our own list of Howard County's Best Restaurants.

Baltimore Magazine also has a list of 55 Neighborhood Specials which are described as reasonably priced local places that don't make the Best Restaurants list. Howard County representatives include Kelsey's, Ellicott Mills Brewing Company, Luna Bella, Mango Grove/Mirchi Wok, Sushi King and Sushi Sono. Of these, Sushi King and Sushi Sono also make our list of Howard County's Nearly Best Restaurants.

I do have a bone to pick with Baltimore Magazine: in this day and age, couldn't you have posted these lists in some sort of searchable format and included links to the restaurant websites? Why post these lists as long individual articles that are hard to search, sort or print? Check out the Washingtonian 100 Best Restaurant list and database as a better approach.

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