Monday, January 5, 2009

British American Auto Care

British American Auto Care is a perennial winner of "Best Place for Auto Repair" awards from Columbia and Howard magazines, including the most recent in 2008. The magazine endorsements encouraged me to try them several years ago and I am now a hearty convert.

The world of auto care is largely a mystery to me. I just like to get the necessary maintenance done with a minimum of fuss and no hard-sell surprises. The folks at British American, starting with owner Brian England who's often there himself, are friendly, concerned and knowledgeable. They generally know you'd prefer to be almost anywhere else than having to get your car fixed. They try to make the process about as painless as it can be, and are tolerant of dumb questions from folks like me (they don't call 'em idiot lights for nothing).

I also like that Brian and his company appear dedicated to the community and the environment. British American has a focus on hybrids and recycling, highlighted at its alternate web site, Go Green Car Care. Brian is also a director of the Howard County Citizens Association and a member of the Columbia Association Watershed Advisory Committee.

If you're fed up like I was with the indifferent service and high prices of regular auto dealers, I bet you'll like British American, too.

If you're still looking for other car care places, the Honorable Mentions in the 2008 Howard Magazine reader poll were Hillmuth Certified Automotive, Harper's Farm BP, and O'Donnell Honda.

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