Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2009 Restaurant Wish List

Here are some of the things we're wishing for in 2009 for the Howard County restaurant scene. Let us know if you agree or have your own wishes to add to the list.

We wish for a wider choice of seafood restaurants in the county. Right now it seems like there's Crab Shanty and Red Lobster, then you're on your own. We especially wish we could find a good grilled or broiled whole fish and an authentic take on fish and chips.

A respectable barbeque joint would be nice. Something to give Bare Bones some competition -- even a Red, Hot and Blue would be an improvement, but I'd really like something with local character and decent ribs, chicken and pork with a variety of sauces and styles.

We wish for a broiled Peruvian chicken somewhere in the county. Also a good arroz con pollo, Cuban style (I know Cuba de Ayer is just south of our border, but I haven't gotten there yet).

An everyday tapas or small plates place. Ranazul, Iron Bridge, Bistro Blanc and Aida's all offer tapas or small plates but it feels like a major investment to order more than a few, and they're generally pretty fancy. In Spain, tapas are often cheaper and more straightfoward, and it's easier order a bunch for the table (the really inexpensive wine doesn't hurt either). LeeLynn's seems on the right track, but even there they seem a little pricier and more ambitious than they need to be.

A Five Guys, please. Love them burgers and fries, and the peanuts, too.

And, in the end, we just hope that all of our favorites can weather the economic storm and make it through the year.

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HowChow said...

Peruvian chicken is a great idea. That has to be a trend that Howard County could support.

And check out Kloby's on Johns Hopkins Road for barbeque. I'd love to know what you think.