Wednesday, December 17, 2008


A long-time Howard County eatery, Serafino's has been in its current location near the Crab Shanty on Rt. 40 for several years. It's a decent source of pizza and pasta specialties -- not high cuisine but solid family fare.

The pizzas are hand-tossed and cooked in the wood-fired oven that has a featured location in the restaurant. They're usually quite good though a recent Margherita had too much mozzarella for my taste (which I wouldn't have thought possible). A linguine with clams order was chock full of clams and garlic and very tasty. The Caprese Sliders are an appetizer that suffices for a meal, or a good choice to share.

The restaurant's ambiance is industrial but functional. The fireplace is pleasant in winter and the separate bar is roomy. Serafino's handles the basics pretty well and makes for a good weekday or family choice.

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If you like Serafino's, or are closer to the eastern side of the county, give Mamma Lucia's a shot.

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LG said...

Serafino's has a gas-fired brick oven, not wood burning. The old location had a wood-fired oven.