Monday, December 22, 2008

Ten Oaks Tavern

The Ten Oaks Tavern is now officially up and running, removing all vestiges of M.D.'s Country Pub it replaced. The website shows their full menu and has some pictures. The menu is geared toward bar food favorites likes burgers, wings, ribs and sandwiches. There are weekly specials of lobsters on Tuesday, crab cakes Wednesdays and prime rib on Thursdays. There are also some additional printed specials nightly like jambalaya.

We stopped in the other night and found the place busy with lots of M.D.'s regulars. It took a while for us to get service, but once we did, the food was quick and plentiful. We didn't find any real standouts on the menu -- it's your basic American bar food and plenty of it -- but it seems to be done competently and with a friendly dash of local spirit. Speaking of spirits, the bar itself appears popular in a Cheers-ey kind of way.


Anonymous said...

I have frequented Ten Oaks Tavern many times and find myself going there less and less often. The food is quite good and the staff is friendly but the service is horrendously slow and inattentive. Also, a bit pricey on many items for a local pub.

Anonymous said...

The ten oaks tavern is so much better than before and a definite improvement from the old MDs. Everyone there works as a team and their food is delicious. Starting this year they have awesome weekly drink specials and have acool happy hour food menu now. I definitely recommend this place to anyone