Saturday, December 13, 2008

Hunan Legend

The Hunan Legend has been our go-to takeout Chinese place for many years (does that make sense?). We used to live near its Dorsey Hall Village Center location but now we sometimes drive the extra miles to get better quality than we've found at any closer Chinese places. The choices are mostly the Americanized versions of Chinese dishes, but they do pretty well with the basics. Basil chicken is my standby, and there are sometimes specials worth seeking out.

Dining in the restaurant is rarer for us. HowChow seems to have had a poor experience there and I can sort of understand why, but I'd also suggest giving it another try. The Hunan Legend may not be a destination dining location it is a better than average neighborhood Chinese place.

There does not appear to be a website for Hunan Legend, so here are the particulars:

Hunan Legend
4725 Dorsey Hall Dr
Ellicott City, MD 21042

Hunan Legend on Urbanspoon

For more Chinese/Asian choices in the area, check here. The Asean Bistro still tops the list for me.

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