Thursday, December 11, 2008

Diamondback Tavern

The Diamondback Tavern is now open (a few weeks ahead of schedule, even ahead of their website, for the moment...) in the former location of the Tiber River Tavern, just off Main Street in old town Ellicott City. I stopped in for lunch this week and found an eclectic and interesting menu of bar foods, sandwiches, salads and a homey set of reasonably priced ($13-18) entrees.

Highlights include crab and corn fritters, scotch eggs, fried oysters, bangers & mash, shepard's pie, and shrimp & grits. The chef seems to have an affinity for the deep fryer, not that there's anything wrong with that. The cholesterol-wary can investigate salads, a rockfish wrap and a few other items. The ingredients are local and fresh where possible. For now the same menu is available for lunch or dinner, but evidently some additional dinner specials will be coming soon.

Our friendly waitress informed us that the owners and chef hail from the Greystone Grill, while many on the staff are refugees from the recently closed Trapeze. The basic layout of the place will look familiar to former Tiber River patrons, but the new paint job and decor are pleasant. The good-sized bar is still there, separate from the main dining rooms.

If you needed another reason to get down to old town Ellicott City for some shopping and a nice lunch or dinner, give the Diamondback Tavern a try. We wish them good luck and will be back to try more soon.

Tips of the hat to Wordbones and the Baltimore Beer Guy for noting that the Diamondback Tavern was already open. And evidently the Second Chance Saloon is open too, so now there's another place to try!

UPDATE: The Diamondback's website is here, and you can see more about them at The restaurant also has an active Facebook page. Here's their contact info:

The Diamondback Tavern
3733 Old Columbia Pike
Ellicott City, MD 21043

UPDATE: See this review of the Diamondback Tavern for some good photos of their dishes.


2nd Chance said...

Second Chance is open and we would love to have you all come visit us. Either Wendy or myself (Declan) are almost always here. Cheers

Anonymous said...
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Corn Fritters said...

Thanks for the information. Hope to visit your place.